With America not in the World Cup, and Volkswagen and American broadcasting sponsor, we had a unique challenge of getting fans excited to cheer for another country. Thus came the campaign "JUmp on the Wagen". We created a number of digital touch=points for fans to become familiar with, and adopt other nations in need of fans.

First, we built a hub where fans could explore the teams in the World Cup, with fun facts unique to each country. Facebook carousel ads targeted in real time according to matches drove fans to this experience to explore teams. You could dive deeper into a certainĀ team to learn more and deepen a newfound fandom.
Fans who visited the site spent an average of more thanĀ 3+ minutes exploring teams.
We created hundreds of sharable gifs unique to each team. Once fans adopted their newfound team, they could share these gifs accompanied with a Facebook caption in their new language.
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